Testimonials for the Digital Cover

Testimonials for the Digital Cover

That's fantastic!

e-book design lazystocktrading

That's fantastic. Thank you very much. I've had a look at what else you do and probably will work with you again. Seems you have a good thing going here!


I am a happy customer!

e-book design getcanadianworkpermit

Hi, Patrick

Thanks for the other offers. I will let you know if I need those services. I will definitely tell anyone I come across in need of these services of you. I am a happy customer 🙂


Wow, that looks great!

e-book design platnet-explorers

Hi Patrick,
Wow, that looks great! How much do you charge for your cover designs? I have a whole series.

Thanks for getting in touch...


I really like the cover!

e-book design theproblemcat

Hello Patrick,

I wasn’t going to do anything about this, but I’ve had a number of requests just  this past week to update my ebook. That means a new cover, too. I’m glad I had not deleted your email, as I’d like to take a look at this again. I really like the cover you sent me and would like to get it.

RJ Peters

For $20… that is a no-brainer

e-book design  helpfordomesticviolence

Hi, Patrick

This is a beautiful cover that you have created. I am certainly tempted. Maybe we CAN work together.
For $20… that is a no-brainer…

Marcus M. Mottley

I am very pleased with your work!

e-book design bodybuildingtipsonline


OK I paid by paypal. Everything is paid for. The e-book covers look great!!!
I may be interested in having you do more work for me. I am very pleased with your work.


Steve Totin

The e-book look infinitely better!


Hi Patrick,
Thanks for these – payment has been made – this cover makes the book look infinitely better.

Michael Tipper

Impressed by your graphic cover!


Hi Patrick,
I’m actually quite impressed by your graphic cover that you made. Do you by any chance have any variations? For $20, we are definitely interested in purchasing your design.


MIchelle Cho

I would have saved myself a small fortune!


Hi Patrick,
That’s very kind of you! I feel embarrassed, was it really that bad! Actually, this site has been commissioned to another web development company and will hopefully go live by end of week – trust me, if i had found you earlier i would have saved myself a small fortune!



Outstanding service!


Patrick … so thank you, my god that was fast service. I  didn’t think you would complete it so fast.

Your service is outstanding.


Mark Aiston


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