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 Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing)

Poka-yoke (ポカヨケ?) [poka yoke] is a Japanese term that means “mistake-proofing”. A poka-yoke is any mechanism in a lean manufacturing process that helps an equipment operator avoid (yokeru) mistakes (poka). Its purpose is to eliminate product defects by preventing, correcting, or drawing attention to human errors as they occur. The concept was formalised, and the term adopted, by Shigeo Shingo as part of the Toyota Production System. It was originally described as baka-yoke, but as this means “fool-proofing” (or “idiot-proofing”) the name was changed to the milder poka-yoke.

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The board game can be deployed to different areas to increase staff awareness towards a particular framework. standards or any other organisation related initiatives. It inject uncertainly throughout the game play. It is an educational board game that has created to promote learning in a fun way, and a way to strengthen team bonding!

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